Sunday, November 14, 2010

What a Brave New World

The latest wave of recession firings and layoffs overwhelmingly hit men. From the Wall Street Journal we hear yet again how Federal Government salaries are soaring, with benefits and free insurance to boot.  As workers in the private sector are hanging on by their fingernails, the government is coming down on people harder than ever. More taxes, more regulation, more agencies managing your life. This is change you can believe in.

Meanwhile in reality, the numbers of suicides is up. In upscale neighborhoods where couples with upper incomes have just made it into a McMansion, many men are out of work. Knowing they'll lose their wives and children and not finding work, they sometimes choose to take their own lives.  More often, they become waiters and retail clerks so they can serve the moronic and overweight government workers who are laughing through this recession/depression. 

I've seen the desperation in eyes of so many guys who see no future in the workplace. Costs are too high, the market is scared and very few jobs are safe or paying enough to support a household. I dropped in on a colleague recently who had me watch his office for ten minutes while he took a business call. At least half the employees talked about quitting immediately in search of better work. Pay was down, sales were down, and there was real fear. 

Of course there are a lot of people who laugh at this, and say the middle class had it coming, that we were too content for too long. It's time for rich people to laugh at us again, and poor people to spend our tax dollars on booze and cigarettes. 

Most of the victims are men; mostly white men, but lots of blacks and hispanics. The economy has turned female; geared toward female interests, female business models, and women are loving it. Of course, the men in their lives are suffering and this is a sign that the government must take corrective action against women losing their position in the workforce. 

Men committing suicide in greater numbers?  Men turning to drugs, alcohol, crime in greater numbers?  This is a disaster for a nation that cannot lose its way, but clearly is.  Probably 90% of our young people are Obama robots ready to cast their next votes for leftist tyranny. While they act out their mommy and daddy issues at the ballot box, the rest of us have to take the hit and simply keep going.

America is lost.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stand them Up

There are some really funny stories out there about guys who get suckered into dates with women who are trying to scam them, women who are over 400 lbs, women who are still fucking some other guy.

My question is: If you are such a great catch, why are you dating the worst possible choices?

I've stood up a few women when I went to meet them and saw what they were. I've left at least 3 women waiting for me while I drove off. Don't do this "be nice, do the right thing" bullshit. If you have a date with someone who is playing games or lying to you at all, you need to leave immediately.

  1. If you show up for a date and the girl is much older than her photo, get back in your car and leave.
  2. If you meet the girl somewhere and she is obviously distracted or is only meeting you out of some sense of obligation, get in your car and leave.
  3. If she is fatter than you were told, or completely not interested in dating, just leave her there.
Women date for entertainment as well as for sex or relationships. They will date lots of guys just to have someone pay for dinner. If she is dishonest with you, don't go through with the date!

I've seen horror stories online about guys showing up and being completely victimized by women. They find themselves stuck with some fat hog, or having to pay for a babysitter, or some such shit. Nobody has a gun to your head forcing you to sit there with someone who lied about her age, her size, or her situation.

Never let a woman take advantage of you like this. There are plenty of women who are alone and professional. Date up. Always date women who have their own job and preferably own their own homes. Never date some basket case who needs a rescuer after she's fucked and sucked every guy in four states. Even if you are dead broke and have legal troubles, always date up.

Remember, she has no respect for you anyway, so don't sit there on a date being nice if you don't have to.

What's All the Fuss About?

There are about 200 sites online, mostly free blogs, of guys who are complaining about women who sleep around and then try to snag a successful guy later in life. They call them "Ameriskanks" or "used holes" or some other slur, but that isn't important.

Lots of guys and girls sleep around, it's just a fact of life these days. The further you go down on the social ladder, the more fucking around you are going to see. 

The problem is that these complaining guys want a relationship. They might have had mothers who weren't sluts, or had a loving and supportive mother in the home they grew up in. That is what they were looking for in the dating scene. Well, those days are long gone. Men and women are equal now, thanks to Labour and Democrats. We are all leftists with no spiritual or traditional hangups. That means men don't care and women have no real need for men. This is why we are mostly just screwing around and getting by. Relationships mean less, we don't care about building a better society, and the magic of life is dying off.

So much for the social commentary...

Getting back to the guys who complain about women. What you have to realize is that you have no hope in today's culturally modernized society. If you aren't out there being a narcissist and fucking everyone you can, you are pretty much sitting on the sidelines while everyone else is having fun. If you ever do meet a woman who wants what you want, you will have to accept a former party girl as your mate. You will have to accept that you'll be with someone who fucks anyone just for fun, but will make you wait for sex for months. 

Don't commit. Don't do it. Don't move in together. Don't have a child with her. Why should you treasure the intimacy you had to work for, when she handed it out like candy to guys who didn't even like her?

There was a great Mike Adams column on this a few months ago. A woman who had slept with boyfriend after boyfriend was unhappy and wondered what a traditional approach would be like. Mr. Adams suggested the woman stop having sex outside of marriage and press for a commitment before sex. The girl ended her current relationship and started searching for a "nice guy" who had values and was waiting for marriage before having sex. They dated for an entire year, getting engaged somewhere along the way, then only having sex on the wedding night.  The couple were "so happy" they waited to have sex and were enjoying a traditional marriage.

What's wrong with this picture?

The problem is that all women are doing this. Almost 100% of Western women are sleeping around before meeting their husbands. They don't want to wait for sex. It's the men who are romantic; the men who wanted to have the happy wedding night; the men who waited for a good girl. 

Guys, this is just reality. Here are the rules:
  1. Women are easily pulled into popular culture. If all their friends and media heroes are fucking around, they will do the same thing regardless of the consequences.
  2. Women will start having sex with different guys just for the experience. They don't care that this makes them far less attractive to guys who will wait for someone special.
  3. Women will jump in bed within the first three dates with any guy who is ready to fuck. If you are ready for a relationship, guys, she will make you wait up to six months for sex.
  4. Women see men as disposable. I've seen great relationships end just because the guy didn't earn enough, or fell on hard times. Money is everything.
  5. Chivalry and even decency are dead with women. Your traditional bullshit spells racist, abuser, old fashioned.  Being casual and not caring is seen as desirable.
Don't be depressed or isolating. Enjoy women for what they are, but forget about the old ways. They are gone forever.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Destroying the Habitat

Since women became liberated and started making all the rules, they have changed the language to suit the agenda. They look at things in ways that make men look stupid or foolish, then assume this is the way every issue in life should be approached. 

If a man is deeply spiritual and works at living a moral life, he is really immature and uses religion as a crutch. He probably isn't sure about his sexuality.

If a man needs some personal space simply to enjoy a hobby or catch some football in the den, then he is running away to hide in his pathetic man cave instead of being mature and hanging out with the girls. 

If a man wants to enjoy riding motorcycles or driving a sports car, then he is really having a midlife crisis or  refusing to grow up as he should. 

Just about every feature of modern secular life is taken from a female perspective. It's nothing anyone can change, and will have to work itself out in time. This happened in the old Roman Empire. Women became equal, then above men in culture; not as leaders in fact, but cultural and social leaders. To solidify their power over their own men, they entered into political/social alliances with barbarians, homosexuals and radical religious sects. With so much working against the men of Rome, they of course naturally started to give up leadership - in the home, in government, etc. Eventually, the silliest people were running things, taxes skyrocketed on producers and layabouts got all the benefits. Sound like what is going on now?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Doing it Her Way

Sure relationships are more difficult now, but shouldn't men just "step up" to the challenge, and not be afraid to share leadership with women?  Are men so weak they are afraid of a little tiny weak woman?  

Well, you know that women are equally as strong as men in many areas, but they are much better at playing fucked up social systems than men are. Women see sex roles as a battlefield. They are always fighting to get their way, and have no idea that you might have another perspective. 

That is why your weekly television watching will include little or no football. That is why you will know everything about the Kardashians, but nothing about new Zombie movies. That is why you will go out to eat for almost every meal and then go clothes shopping with her, and you better be enthusiastic!

Why not just stay in and read a book?  Sure, we can do that together! Let's read The Bridges of Madison County, or The Secret Life of Bees!  What? you don't want to read one of these women's books about women and women's feelings? Why are you threatened?

This is why more men would rather just fuck when they can and live alone. The pleasure is rarely worth the long term sacrifice in sanity. If you commit to a woman, you are committing to her way of thinking in all things; committing to her tastes, her whims, her family, everything. Nothing is yours; nothing is yours to decide or even give input.

It's a woman's world and they've come a long way, baby. Let them rule their little castles. Visit them for sex or a good time, but don't live with them or commit. If you do, you will be expected to behave exactly like her; or like a girlfriend or a gay friend. It happens in 99% of relationships.  You are expected to give up all the masculine things that make you what you are, and become a clone of her. It's no fun, so don't fall for it - and it can be expensive to escape from.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nice Guy vs. Confused Girl Debate

Reading the news this morning, I happened to find myself on which is a good place to kill half an hour or so. The news items are mixed with funny comments and sometimes - sometimes, it can turn into an interesting debate. This morning, the big post was about women spending their youth on crappy guys then suddenly wanting a nice guy later in life. A typical post went something like this:

Let me make this clear :
Nice guys don't want the girl 'in the end'. in the end? After she's blown you off for years? After she's defiled herself with jerks ? After she's grown fat and spongy? After she's suffered hip and nerve damage?
No. Nice guys, like all guys, want the girl to like us FIRST. In the morning of your womanhood, when they're still shy and love is still mysterious and lovely. When they're still excited about this big adventure called life ... We want them to look at us and be besotted with a deep, pure, abiding affection mixed with lust that they squander on guys with muscles, money or danger. We want them to be excited about dating, having sex with, and marrying someone fun, charming, witty, reliable, respectful and courteous.
But most women squander their first 15 years of adult womanhood, ruining their health, their complexion, their hair, their bodies, hearts and minds playing stupid games with people that they don't really want to be with forever, or chasing after men who will either kill them or dispose of them. They Get Tats, stretch marks, overcolor their hair (because it's 'fun' to be a blonde for 500$).
So, ladies. Screw you all very much. Because by the time you get around to liking us 'nice guys' we've become bitter misogynistic old men who frankly, are just in the mood to manipulate someone younger and prettier than you into casual sex, followed by some mind games because we're still pissed off about how you casually used our affection and friendship while squandering your youth with losers who didn't deserve you. And in the end, when we want kids and a family, you're all used up and no good to anyone for that, no matter how you want it.

I can't say I disagree with all this, but you don't have to be misogynistic.  When you are young, it is vitally important for a guy to be with a girl who hasn't fucked everyone in town. It's a very special thing to be with a virgin girl and have that intense relationship - whether it works out or not. To men, a woman who reserves herself for that one guy is doing almost a "holy" thing whether she realizes it or not. The intimacy is much greater, and the sex is much better. When you are with a young girl who has already fucked and sucked lots of guys, it is far less exciting, far less of a bonding experience. It's just sex for sex's sake and that's all. Women don't realize this, and have this modern take on sex that "everyone does it" so why not just get out there and start experiencing different people?

I'm in the dating scene, but I leave my options open at all times. Virtually every woman I meet takes sex very casually with the bad boys and players, but takes it very seriously with the good guys. They will fuck a bad boy on the second date, but will make a nice guy wait for three months. No matter what the age, women will always prefer the bad boy, will always drop her pants for a high-earning, low-morals guy, as long as she feels flattered and/or hot and bothered.  

They say "Nice Guys Win In the End", which means she will finally give up on her dream of taming a bad boy when she wants a mate who will share in the raising of children, and has a good income. She doesn't really want the nice guy; she wants his earnings and stability. Remember, the guys who care nothing for her get her heart first, get her sex first, get her love and caring and adoration first - and it's just recreation for him. The guy who would have treasured her love and sex has to wait until she's sexually serviced men who care nothing for her. Women don't realize this is the biggest possible turn off for a man. 

I came to accept this early on. I treat women with the same respect I treat other men- but I do not treat them like virgin queens. I know they usually give the best of themselves to men who don't even want to see them again after a six minute fuck. One of the Fark members, a woman, even admits she preferred the jerks most of her life:
I admit, I used to go for the arrogant pretty boys. Married one, even. Then I got to a point where I was very okay with being single till the day I died, just me and my dogs, doin' fine. I never became a bitter man hater - I have too many really good guy friends to think that all men are evil. Then a "nice guy" who I'd known for years (but wasn't "my type") asked me out. I said "sure" figuring he'd be harmless, we'd get a beer, and I'd call it a night. The BEST date of my life, and we got married 6 months later.

In other words, she fucked all the jerks and assholes and decided getting burned and abandoned was as good as it gets. Very reluctantly, she finally after many years decided to date a nice guy, and now he gets to be her 77th sex partner and pay for all the damage the jerks did to her. Wow, sign me up for that!  How do I join that club?!?

You don't have to save the damsel-slut-in-distress. She doesn't want you now, and she didn't want you then, but the players had fantastic sex with her, and she always came back for more.  When she completely gave up on men, she was ready to settle with a loser...I mean, nice guy.  It doesn't have to be this way. I don't live that way, and decent men shouldn't either.

I get into short term relationships, jump into two-week sex romps with girls I don't really know, etc. I don't care whether they fall for me or not. Since my divorce in 2004, I've had four serious relationships and lots of temporary partners. In 100% of these hook-ups and relationships, the women talked about exes too much, had too much experience, and were desperately looking for a guy to take care of them. It wasn't that I was looking for the wrong kind of woman, it's just that women these days over the age of 30 are identical. 

Jane had a friends-with-benefits thing going on for about 11 years with a guy before he suddenly dumped her and married someone else. We were great together, and we got very close, but the hook-up guy was just too important to her, and she talked about him daily. I ended it and moved on.
Laurie was a hyper-Christian type and we had hot sex and lots of fun together, but she wanted a baby immediately and was still hung up on her preacher at church. It was only an emotional connection, but he had her heart while I only had her body. Usually, that's enough for me, but I didn't want to compete with the pastor of her church. I ended it and moved on.
Abby was a great girl and we had a ton of fun together; parties, drinking, going out, etc. We lived together but her ex-fiance was always chasing her; always calling, always coming by, sending her letters and cards, etc. She loved the attention and talked about how much she missed certain things about him. I ended it and moved on.

Most of my relationships are like this. None of the 15 women I've poked in the last six years have been completely there for me. They are all either doing the Sex & The City thing, or enjoying their independence after a divorce. No woman I've met is serious about really giving 100% in a relationship after age 30.  I have had some lonely desperate types stalk me, some fat ex-employees who called me several times a day for months trying to get a date with me. I never got desperate, and I never developed the hatred for women that some men seem to have. I just enjoy women for sex and companionship and then I move on. I don't want to be controlled, or hear about how great the ex-boyfriends were, or how she is settling with me, but Johnny Herpesdick is such a great guy she is going to try and win him back eventually.

Don't get me wrong, I still love women, but I understand we don't live in a traditional society, so the norms of behavior that used to keep women's extremely bad judgement in line are no longer present. Now women will chase the players and married cheaters all through their lives, and responsible and loving men will be ignored unless they are being used. It's not always true, but it almost always is. 

Still, men are being realistic in this debate while women seem to ignore the nice guys early in life and condemning them later. Yes, there are a lot of good guys out there who sit and wait while all the girls are boning losers with tattoos. A very good take on this comes from a level-headed commenter on Fark:

It depends on the individual, but not everyone has the same social opportunities. Remember this is fark and while the internet is much different in make up these days, places like this are still dominated by guys in technical careers. This means years in school with few women, workplaces with few women, etc and so on. It also means a lot of time at work because of the demanding nature of the professions. (Way too many engineers are married to women they met in school or at work/because of work.)

This kind of intelligence and hard work would have made a man a could catch for women earlier ages as per the long term ability to provide for children etc as mentioned in the article, but today that really doesn't matter so much. People are trained as consumers and don't really look that far ahead. There are social safety nets, relying on parents, etc and so on. It's considered a time to screw go for fun, to go for what is novel and exciting.

The rift between someone who spent their 20s partying and someone who spent them working could build a resentment, one that can only be aggravated when those women who were consumers of the dating world in their teens and 20s grow up to a degree and then come looking but now with all the costs associated with their earlier choices. It's kind of like handing the bill to a party to the guy who wasn't invited.

Of course the best advice came at the end:

Nice Guys: Don't ever...ever listen to a woman's relationship advice. They have no idea what they want and make notoriously bad decisions. The quickest way to not get laid is to take their romantic advice.

Be confident. Its a numbers game. There's plenty of women out there. Go find yours and quit sitting around waiting for it. Women typically want to be pursued. Its in their lizard brain.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why More Men Don't Commit

Everyone has had the experience of something being more tiresome because of the people involved. A job that was 65% coping with the boss, and a much smaller percentage of actual work; or, a relationship in which one person did everything and the other person simply complained and caused problems. 

For an increasingly growing percentage of men, the stress is not worth the relationship. This is because women are taught that their needs and emotions come first, and men's considerations are not important. Since we are taught in the West that men are violent, racist, sexist oppressors, then they need to be disempowered and relegated to second-class status. This means men have much less authority, and are often attacked or ridiculed when they attempt to take up the leadership role which is their birthright.

Even after a decade of blowback against feminist extremes, the march toward sex role confusion continues full-throttle. Men are either laughed at or ignored. So, they commit less, simply talking women into bed when they feel the need for some companionship. Those who foolishly allow themselves to be locked into a relationship realized the fun ends the moment the relationship becomes established. There are thousands of stories on the Internet of men's disappointment and women's increasing dissatisfaction with men.  Examples:

Jim moved in with Abby. They had great chemistry and lots of fun together. Jim had an indoor cat, and Abby thought it would be a good idea to let the cat outside. Jim had never let the cat out, so he realized there could be a problem. Abby let the cat out again and again. Many days were wasted looking for the cat around the neighborhood. Finally, Jim got angry and insisted the cat not be let outside. Abby of course ignored Jim's wishes and the cat was eventually run over by a car. Abby apologized and apologized, but that wasn't the point. The issue was that Abby's opinions were more important than Jim's rules.

Terry and Kate got married and were happy for a year. At the end of the first year, Terry's parents passed away within three months of each other. It was a very difficult time for Terry as he was an only child and took his parent's passing very hard. During the time right after losing his parents, Kate moved her sister into the couple's home, saying it was only temporary. The sister ended up living with Terry and Kate for years, and the stress and divided loyalties of Kate eventually broke up the marriage. During the time Terry needed Kate the most, she decided to take care of her sister instead of her husband.  All her friends couldn't understand Terry's insensitivity, and didn't even notice Kate neglecting him during a very difficult time.  

Sandy had never been lucky in love. She would find someone who was really a good match for her, then things would fall apart, or the guys would cheat on her. She thought all guys were pigs, all the same, and none of them could be trusted. However, she never told anyone that she had some bad habits. When she was with a guy, she would talk about other men and having sex with other men. She never learned that this kind of talk was a huge turnoff to about 99% of men. So, the guys didn't respect her and would dump her after a few weeks or a few months. 

You see, men don't commit anymore because women make themselves too unattractive as partners. If you really do want to spend all your free time watching women's movies, or hanging out with her friends, then go ahead and commit to a relationship. If you want your house to reflect her tastes, and her tastes only, then go ahead and commit.  The happy men, the men who enjoy women, basically pick them up and fuck them for a few weeks before moving on. 

We aren't threatened that women have had other men in their lives. We aren't threatened that they have jobs and have their own homes and assets. We just don't have a place in a committed relationship if it means we are no longer allowed any leadership at all. We don't have a place if our feelings and needs are laughed at or ignored. We just aren't going to commit unless the situation for us is desirable. These days, commitment means no personal space, no individual freedom. Commitment means you are a slave tied to a woman; and her progressive/feminist/you can have-it-all attitude means you are only a paycheck or an accessory. Women are saying it more and more; men come and go, but friends are forever.  Ironically enough, the men who only drop in temporarily on a woman are the ones who are happiest with their relationships, and actually have time to live their own lives.  The ones who commit are miserable, or paying off the divorce/child support machine for many years.

And people wonder why men won't commit...